Bridge Race Mod Apk

Bridge Race Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Coins)

Bridge Race Mod Apk is a really amazing game that is very easy to play. In this game, your role is to collect the blocks and make the bridge. When your block is finished then go back and again collect the other blocks. And your opponent will be also doing the same thing. Increase your speed and try to win the game.


Bridge Race MOD Apk

Bridge Race MOD APK is a casual game of bridge racing, obstacle avoidance, and puzzle-solving. Solve the puzzles by using your brain! The game has different levels and each level will require you to think outside the box to solve it.

Bridge Race mod apk (unlimited money) is a new 3D runner game from Say Games LLC. In this game, you have to run and jump on bridges that are floating in the sky. You can also collect coins and use them to unlock other characters. The game is a series of levels, at each level you will have to build bridges across the sea for as long as possible.

Bridge Race MOD Online

  • Easy to play, difficult to master.
  • Hundreds of levels to play!
  • Discover different worlds.
  • Get help from your friends to complete the most difficult levels.
  • Everyone can enjoy this game regardless of age or gender!

Features of Bridge Race MOD Apk

Colorful Graphics

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Easy-to-use controls with intuitive touchscreen controls, including swipe gestures to move the character. The graphics of Bridge Race APK Mod are pretty good for an Android game. The animations are smooth and run at 60fps on most devices.

Simple one-touch Gameplay:

Tap to jump or double-tap to double-jump. To move the bridge vertically, swipe up or down on the screen. And if you want to turn the bridge, just swipe left or right.

Many Obstacles

There are many obstacles in Bridge Race mod and they will keep you on your toes. You need to avoid them at all costs or else you will die! The obstacles include spikes, water pools, and more.

Collecting Bricks

To collect bricks of a certain color, you just need to tap the screen. You will see the bridge being built in real time and only stop when you don’t want it anymore. The bricks are automatically attached to the previous location and you can see their coordinates at the bottom of the screen.

Building Bridges

Building bridges isn’t exactly rocket science, but it has its challenges too. You will have to try and make your bridge sturdy enough to withstand the weight of building bridges, collecting coins, and unlocking new characters in this challenging game.


Explore different beautiful worlds and learn to “think outside the box” to find solutions to complex problems. Build a bridge that can hold the weight of the truck and collect all three stars the game has 80 levels for you to explore with increasing difficulty.

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Three types of boosts in Bridge Race Mod Apk (Unlimited coin)

Magnet Boost                                 (Attracts coins),

Shield Boost                                     (Saves you from one hit)

Double Coins Boost                       (Doubles the number of coins you collect).

General FAQs

Why should I use Bridge Race MOD APK instead of the original version?

It offers you unlimited money, and many resources that can be used for free.

Can I play Bridge Race without the internet?

Yes, you can play offline on your Android device without any difficulties.

How to use the Bridge Race Cheats?

Very simple, just enter the number of resources you want to add and then click on the “Hack” button. You will see that they have been added to your account.

How do I change my character?

You can change your character by collecting coins in the game and then clicking “Shop” or clicking on the position of your current character, then choosing another character!

Why should I watch ads?

You get gems after watching ads, you can use these gems to unlock new characters and boosts in this game. You can also double the number of coins that you have picked up after watching an ad!


Bridge race apk is an endless running game with the largest assortment of characters, amazing running environments & the most fun animations you will ever see in a game. The goal of the game is to run as far as possible without falling, jumping on bridges, and avoiding obstacles.

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