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Cars Fast As Lightning Mod APK (Unlimited Coins)

Download Cars: Fast as Lightning APK (MOD, Everything Unlocked) For Android. Cars Fast As Lightning Mod APK is the best racing game where you can drive your own car on different amazing tracks. You can control and compete with your opponent and destroy your opponent.

In this mod version, all the premium features are unlocked for you. All cars are unlocked upgrade every car by using the unlimited coins that are given in this mod version.

Cars Fast As Lightning Mod Apk

The Cars: Fast as a Lightning game is the latest game to be released in conjunction with a Pixar movie. It’s set within the Cars universe and allows you to race against the famous characters from the films. You can even drive cars in this game that aren’t seen in any of the films.

Cars: Fast as Lightning is a 3D racing game based on the popular movie Cars. where you can drive your car against any of the characters from the film, including, of course, Lightning McQueen himself.

Cars Fast As Lightning App Features

  • Coins and Gems – Unlimited
  • Unlock all Cars and Levels!
  • Cool graphics and addictive gameplay!
  • Different cars with unique abilities!
  • New cars are added regularly!
  • Complete missions to get rewards!
  • Leaderboards to compete against friends!
  • Works on Android devices with or without root access.

Cars Fast As Lightning Online Apk

Gameplay in Cars

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In Cars Fast as Lightning, you don’t need to control the direction, only the speed. So while you’ll need to accelerate on turns and do gestures with your finger to jump or do other special moves, you’ll never have to worry about actually turning the wheel.

Play With Favorite Characters

Traveling along with various courses that bring you back to famous scenes from the movie, you’ll be able to play with your favorite characters and try to beat them in different races.

Familiar Voices

The game features familiar voices from many of the actors who appeared in the movie so it’s great for fans of both Cars and Disney Pixar movies.

The Controls in Cars

Fast as Lightning is relatively simple. You can use your finger to steer left or right to avoid colliding with traffic and you’ll also have to tap the screen to jump over obstacles. By swiping up, down, or sideways, you can also perform special moves such as drifting or boosting your speed. That’s pretty much it.

Earn Points

Some of the races have special objectives that will help you earn more points, such as passing all of the other cars in a single lap or finishing without doing any damage to your car. It’s not always easy to pull off those kinds of challenges, though, so it can be frustrating when you get stuck at a level that you simply can’t pass no matter how hard you try.

Cars Fast As Lightning Mod APK

Free Online Game

As in most free online games, many power-ups help you win races. Some are common while others are exclusive to certain levels. The most common power-up is the turbo boost that lets you accelerate very quickly for a short time.

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Special Powers of Cars Fast as Lightning

The game also includes special powers that can be used whenever they’re recharged:

Speed Feel like Flying up in the air.
Jump to get over obstacles or avoid crashes
Ram Use it to attack cars ahead of you or destroy obstacles
Steer clear of the cops If they catch you speeding, you’ll have to pay a fine. The fine amount increases each time you’re caught by the cops and goes up even higher if you keep getting busted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add a new car to the game?

To add a new car to the game, you need to go to the garage and click on the small green button at the bottom right corner. Then you can select one of the three cars under your account in the Cars Fast as Lightning mod apk.

What is the hacked version of the Cars Fast as lightning mod apk?

The hacked version of Cars Fast as Lightning Mod Apk with unlimited money and unlocked all levels. Supercars, monster trucks, and many more unique vehicles can be yours.

Is there a limit to how many cars can I download?

Once you finish downloading modded cars and opening your garage, you can download as many cars as you want from the internet. You can check out our website for more of the best-modded cars for Android.

How can I unlock more cars?

Win races, win cups and earn coins to unlock more cars.

What are the 3D glasses used for?

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The 3D glasses feature is used to enhance the visual effects of the game.

Where can I find my unlocked cars?

When you’re on the garage screen, tap on “My Cars” to see all of your unlocked cars. The cars you don’t own will be grayed out.

How do I get unlimited gold coins in cars fast as lightning mod apk?

There are two ways. The first way is to watch videos, but there are only eight videos for every 100 coins. The second one is to buy them, but this requires real money.

How do I get unlimited lives in cars fast as lightning mod apk?

Doing missions and going through the storyline will give you lives every time. However, you can also enter tournaments with your friends or people from other countries and win lives that way. You can also use your money to buy lives if you run out of them.


Cars Fast as Lightning Mod Apk is an exciting Android car racing game. Drive as far as you can, collect coins and various power-ups, avoid all obstacles, and beat the record. This game is FREE to download and play.

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