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Evocreo Mod Apk (unlimited gems) is an interesting role-playing game in which you can begin your journey to become the world’s best Evoker. Explore a massive open world and try your best to collect all the different Creo in the entire world.

You can boost or discover these creos to enhance their potential during battle. Upgrade their powers and abilities through level-ups and evolutions.

You have to make your strategy and every effort to assist locals in the fight against these monsters. Evocreo Apk Download also allows multiplayer where you can battle the team of heroes’ real opponents.

Download Evocreo Full Version Mod Apk Unlimited Everything

Evocreo Mod APK is an RPG game, which will like you all. You are a young man and his friend is going to go on a journey to save the world from evil. With the help of his friend, he discovers that there are a lot of monsters that can be molded for the battle.

The more you play this game, the more you begin to find it interesting and fun. The gameplay of this game Evocreo (mod, unlimited money) is exciting with many different challenges that players need to face while playing it.

Evocreo Mod Apk

– Intensive storyline

– Explore a massive open world

– Discover many different species of Creo

– No energy bars

– Over 130 kinds of Creo

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– Carefully animated monsters and characters

– Play with friends

– An epic adventure over 40 hours long

– Challenge other Evokers and become the ultimate Evoking Master

– Awesome sound and graphics effects

– Free to play

EvoCreo Apk Download

Explore the Beautiful World

You’re an evoker searching for more powerful Creos. You’ll explore a vast open world full of dangerous monsters and mysterious places. Discover the secrets hidden in the mysterious jungles or explore the endless desert.

Evolve Your Creatures

Combine two monsters to create a new hybrid species. Improve its stats and skills to prepare it for the upcoming battles.

Collect Rare Creatures

Assemble a team of unique monsters that have special abilities and fight styles! Complete your collection of creatures by capturing them all with special traps. Evolve your monsters to unlock their full potential.

Free Unlimited Coins and Gems

Currency is the basic resource in the game, which can be obtained by completing tasks, buying or selling items on the market, or receiving them from friends. Coins can be used to buy land and build houses.

You can earn gems by selling items on the market for a higher price. You will receive gems when you complete tasks. The value of the gem increases depending on the number of users online at a given time.

Evocreo Mod Apk

Unlimited Free Resources

There are three types of resources in the game: energy, building materials, and gold coins. Energy is needed to finish all sorts of tasks while building material is used to build and upgrade houses. Gold coins are needed to purchase land and build houses.

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Create The Ultimate Creo

In this epic adventure RPG game, you can create your own Creo. Collect them all and discover their unique powers and strengths. Train your Creos to become the best fighters in the entire world.

Customize their look and help them grow stronger by upgrading their abilities and powers. Your ultimate goal is to defeat fierce enemies and discover new lands. Battle against other players from around the world and try hard to become the best evoker in the game!

Epic Action-packed Battles

Evocreo mod apk offers a lot of epic action-packed battles that will test your fighting skills to the very limit. Upgrade your Creo’s abilities and powers to better prepare for these epic battles!

Tons of Challenges

Tons of challenges are waiting for you in this action-packed role-playing game! Hunt down powerful monsters, collect Creos, level up your characters, upgrade their abilities, discover secret locations, and complete battle challenges. There are so many things you can do in this massive RPG game with no limits.

Impressive Graphics

The graphics of this game Evocreo (mod, unlimited money) is really awesome and impressive, which makes players love it more and more. The sound of this game is also perfect, which will make you feel excited during playing this game.

General FAQ’s

Why does my device says “not compatible” when I tap on a theme?

Make sure that you have installed the newest version on your device. The newest version of evocreo supports all devices running Android 4.0 or newer.

What is the difference between evocreo apk and the official version?

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There is no difference between the Evocreo APP and the official version in terms of gameplay, but there is a difference in terms of materials and levels.

Is there any way to find out evocreo mod apk and the original version are different?

Yes, the first thing you need to do is install the original version of evocreo and if you want to know if it is evocreo mod or not, then go to settings, then options and you will see some information about your account when you first-time open.

If I play with evocreo will my device be banned?

No, playing with modded evocreo apk will not get your account into the ban list. It’s 100% safe.

If I play with evocreo modded apk will I get my rewards?

Yes, you can play with modded Evocreo without worrying about losing your rewards. You won’t lose any rewards by playing with a modded evocreo.


Evocreo mod apk is a perfect combination of RPG, strategy, and card. Excellent graphics, interesting storyline, and battles with a variety of Creo. Evocreo (mod, much money) has a long story campaign that will not let you get bored. You should definitely download it to your phone.

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