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King GB WhatsApp Download v35 Free for Android & iOS (Anti-Ban)

Stop having the dreams of becoming a king, when King GB WhatsApp is here to make you the king, at least in your social life. Primarily, it is a modified form of the original WhatsApp, which was broken down into pieces and then brought together to build this massive mode.

Get this reshaped app for your Android, MacBook, Windows, or anywhere, where you wish to be the king.


What is King GB WhatsApp?

Ladies and gentlemen, please pay attention, because you are being introduced to the king of all WhatsApp mods. WhatsApp is no longer unknown to anyone, and neither is the case with GB WhatsApp.

When GB WhatsApp appeared, it took the internet by storm because it was offering some novel features that the world had never seen before. However, over time people started noticing some problems in this mod like getting the account banned, etc.

For this purpose, the adept team of developers once again held a meeting and started building this exquisite mod with excellent features. At first look, one might not be able to find many differences, but the structure is completely rebuilt.

Besides, this time this mod appears to be enriched with a lot of new themes and wallpapers. So, tighten your seatbelt and get yourself seated, because you are being proceeded to a journey to download King GB WhatsApp.

King GB WhatsApp Download (Features)

Get these useful features in this useful social messaging application:

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The Magic of Tapping

The way you tap on any message defines the function; it will perform. For instance, if you tap one time, it will show bubbled reactions and you can choose any of them.

Similarly, if you keep pressing for a little longer, then it will end up staring at your message.

Go Anywhere Fearlessly

Do you intend to go to an unknown place and are worried about the locations there? Then worry no more, as this GB WhatsApp will give you the freedom to track everything with the ‘Location’ feature. Tapping on this feature will convey your location to others, who can guide you properly.

Privacy in a Group?

There are some personal secrets that we cannot reveal in social groups, therefore you must avoid such secrets in a group chat. The alternative way to reveal such secrets is to reveal them with the ‘Reply Privately’ feature. This exclusive feature of King GB WhatsApp (download) will convey messages secretly.

Snooze Disturbing Sounds

You’re sleeping and the alarm rings, what will you do? Of course, snooze the alarm, right? But what will you do when WhatsApp starts ringing?

Well, you can do the same with this mod, where you have an option to disable the notifications completely.

Control over Your Messages

We all have experienced those anxious moments after sending a message in a group and then waiting for a reply. This will no longer happen, because if you get King GB WhatsApp Download, then you will be able to know who has read your message.

Statistics to Stay Updated

Keep a straightforward track of everything you are sending or receiving through the latest option of WhatsApp. This option lies in the settings, where you can discover a tab named ‘Storage’ with all the detailed statistics.

Expressive Free Wallpapers

Express your feelings of love, gratitude, hatred, etc. through this reshaped app. There is a plethora of expressive wallpapers that you can apply on different chats.

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Set red-colored flowery wallpaper for your loved ones while black wallpaper for those whom you loathe.

Absence of Last Seen

You made an excuse, and your friend showed you that you were online on WhatsApp. To avoid this embarrassing situation.

you should hide your ‘Last Seen’ so nobody can see when you are online. This is only feasible in King GB WhatsApp, where you get a chance to hide it completely.

Security that Matters

Most of the devices these days appear to be locked with a fingerprint lock. Unfortunately, most apps are unable to handle this modern tech and do not support this sensory lock.

King GB WhatsApp not only supports this but excellently runs it.

Prototypes of King GB WhatsApp

Guess what? There are neither one nor two, but four different prototypes of this King WhatsApp:

• Blue King WhatsApp Download – Downloading this blue-colored prototype will also land some stunning features in your pocket. From DND mode to saving the status, discover everything here.

• Gold King WhatsApp – This prototype is also known as WhatsApp King 1. The reason behind it is that this is the version that has the top number of downloads. All the features of this glittering version are preciously rare and cannot be found in any other variant.

• Pink King WhatsApp – This pink version is very popular amongst girls owing to its color and features. They should have called it Pink Queen WhatsApp rather than Pink King WhatsApp. Most of the features and benefits of this WhatsApp revolve around privacy – the ultimate need of the girls.

• Green King WhatsApp – One should not underestimate the role of this green-colored app due to its common color. Although the color of this social app is like that of a common app, its features are not common. Therefore, you must get this kingly app for its kingly perks.

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King GB WhatsApp Download

There is no rocket science in downloading this mod because it goes through the common APK procedure. You will have to download the APK file to install it later in a manual manner. The following two versions are downloadable:

King GB WhatsApp Download Old Version

If you own an outdated device or the operating system of your device is somewhat old, then this old version of King GB WA is suitable. Although the features of this old mod are also old, they will work seamlessly there.

King GB WhatsApp Download Latest Version

Adorned with the premium perks and latest benefits, here you’re presented with the latest version of KIWA. If your device complies with the requirements of this version, then you must download it. However, you had better read all the instructions as well as the policies of King WhatsApp.

Final Verdict

Get ahead of everyone else by installing King WhatsApp, an excellently reshaped app. Here you can see the magic of tapping along with the benefits of location service. Furthermore, there will be no ‘Last Seen’ with strong security and privacy of your account. So, install the app and feel, experience, and live like a king.

FAQs about King GB WhatsApp

Q. Does KIWhatsApp support new updates?

Yes, this mod supports intermittent updates with an auto-update system. So, you are not supposed to do anything, since it will get your app updated spontaneously.

Q. What is the legal status of King GB WhatsApp?

The legality of this mod is somewhat suspicious and can end up in the suspension of your account. Therefore, you had better create your account at your risk of getting your WhatsApp banned.

Q. Will this mod show others if I am online?

Not at all – whether you’re online or offline, King GB WhatsApp will never reveal. So, use the mod like a king without letting sneak into your privacy.

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