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P WhatsApp Latest Version (Blue WhatsApp) Free Download 

We are all fed up waking up and reading our messages on the same old P WhatsApp with its dull and dreary colors. Like everything else, this also demands a break or change, at least in visuals. So, how is this going to be changed and who is going to do it? Perhaps, Genie of Aladdin might be able to do it.

This desire of yours is going to be fulfilled real soon. All you have to do is search in your browser “P WhatsApp Plus APK Download” and there you go. An app will appear that is blue and enhanced in functions. 

Apart from fancy, P WhatsApp is a reshaped version with somewhat premium traits. There are some additional features as well as the modification of the previous features. In addition to these features, the blue theme is the icing on the cake with a cherry on it. 


Features of P WhatsApp Latest Version

If you install this premium app, these features will cheer you up!

Captivating Blue Theme

Are you sick and tired of the same old light green color of the chats of this messaging app? If yes, then you are presented with the novel theme of blue color with scintillating effects.

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This uniqueness will allow you to stand apart from millions of common users with the same colors. This blue color lets nobody get fed up with its luring fonts as well as icons.

Respect Your Privacy!

The problem with WhatsApp is that it lets everyone know that you are online as well as offline. P WhatsApp neither displays online status nor offline status.

In this way, you can use your account at any time without taking privacy into account. So, whether it is midnight or your snack break, use this app to watch others’ statuses, without being noticed.  

Spontaneous Reply Setup

According to Statista, the average individual has 100 contacts saved on the mobile phone. Out of these 100 contacts, they interact with 25 contacts daily in the form of status updates or direct chat.

One might wonder who has time to reply to all of them in this hectic world. And when it comes to businesses, replying to everyone becomes infeasible. 

To sustain a link with these contacts, while replying to all of them, P WhatsApp is at your service. By using it, one might be able to answer with an “auto-reply” feature, that once set, replies automatically. 

Blue Ticks, What’s that?

In the normal version of WhatsApp, when somebody reads the message, the color of the ticks turns blue. This devours the whole meaning of privacy, as everybody will know when you are online and when not. Besides, you will have to answer those whom you did not want to answer. 

Contrary to the above-mentioned problem, P WhatsApp is adorned with a feature that keeps your presence enigmatic. Blue ticks are rare in this blue WhatsApp.  

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Like a Status? Save it!

There is always a person in our contact list, whose status updates are too adorable to resist. It seems awkward to ask them to send you that status video, so that you may update. Meanwhile, P WhatsApp hops in with a creative solution as it has a status-saver.

So, in case you love any status update, do not hesitate to save it with a single tap. Furthermore, they are not notified about your secretly saving their status. 

Vibrant Individuals

It is a truth, generally acknowledged, that everyone holds different values in our lives. Some individuals are very dear to us, whereas some are hardly bearable.

In P WhatsApp Pro, there is a feature, with which you can specify each contact with a different color. So, it is up to you, which kind of thematic color you use for them. Use red for your love; green for your friends; blue for your office colleagues, and so on. 

Pros and Cons of P WhatsApp

Here are some advantageous features of this special WhatsApp:

  • The unique blue color is quite appealing and calms the vision of every user.
  • Your banned account will now be working efficiently with the “no-ban” trait.
  • Now saving the contact is not mandatory to send a message or to make a call on P WhatsApp.
  • Have complete control over your call log and disable unwanted callers.
  • Design the home screen, accordingly, as it has a lot of mesmerizing templates for you.
  • Without bringing changes to the default fonts of your phone, you can use specific fonts within this app.
  • There is no need to obliterate your account from the simple WhatsApp, as both of them can be simultaneously run. 
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Here are some disadvantageous features of this variant:

  • At times, in some cases, security and privacy are compromised in such types of modes.
  • Despite executing all the efforts, there are still the odds of getting your account banned. 
  • Owing to high-end features, your device might work slower than its normal performance.  

Final Touch

Removing several loopholes of the normal WhatsApp, this P variant is a sumptuous messaging app. Since it holds a captivating blue theme as well vibrant representation of individuals’ contacts.  Furthermore, respecting your privacy along with replying automatically, are some other features of it. Like all other apps, it has its pros and cons too, but of course, the pros are more than cons. 

FAQs about P WhatsApp

  1. Is using P WhatsApp safe for Android or iPhone users?

You can attain P WhatsApp Download 2023 without worrying about safety because this concern falls on the side of the developers. The developers have left no stone unturned to make it fully safe and secure.

2. How to get unbanned, if I am barred from using this?

In case you have been barred from using WhatsApp, there are multiple ways to rejoin. First of all, you should uninstall this mod and login into the simple version. Secondly, you had better get in touch with the Meta helping team.

3. Can my app lock protect this special sort of WhatsApp?

Indeed, it can protect it, but there is no need for it. Since there is an in-app lock in Blue WhatsApp GB, so 3rd party app is required. This in-app vault will take care of your privacy through multiple layers of security.

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