TLS Tunnel Pro Apk Unlimited Vpn, New & Old Version

TLS Tunnel Pro Apk. TLS tunnel is a free VPN. The purpose of this VPN is to provide freedom and privacy in internet use cross all the barriers which are imposed by the government against internet use and limit the browser against certain barriers which are imposed by the government.

TLS is actually a simple protocol that protects the connection using TLS 1.3 which is the same as what is used in HTTPS sites.


TLS Tunnel Pro Apk

If you are using TLS VPN then you don’t need any kind of registration are payment. You just have a functional internet connection to pass the provider’s restriction if your access is blocked.

You can also use your own server by private server option in a standard method. But you have to use port 22 and SNI if the server is prepared to receive such kinds of connections.

The official server allows you to connect and communicate with all other users. If other users are also connected to the same server via generated IP. But always remember that your IP will also be accessed by the users. The same is the case with you as you can also access the other users. But you can also disable this option to the default setting in order to avoid security risks.


One thing you just remembered is that the TLS tunnel is completely free. But if the server is private, in case you don’t have your own server then you have to pay a third party to access the third-party server. Here you have to remember that are not responsible for any kind of privacy issue if you are connected to a third-party server.

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Features of TLS Tunnel Pro

-TLS tunnel is a self-signed certificate type of VPN.

-It is a free VPN and you don’t have to pay.

-Ads free version so no ads are going to bother you.

-It is an SSH server-supported VPN. So you can imagine that it is the very simple and standard method for the private server option that is used for 22.

-Privacy is always a problem for VPN users. But the TLS tunnel is completely private no third party is allowed to access the user data.


As you have read about TLS tunnel VPN, you have an idea about this app. What are you waiting for just click the download button and enjoy this application for free.

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