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TM WhatsApp Titus Mukisa 8.80 (Official App New Update)

TM WhatsApp Titus Mukisa is a remodeled variation of simple WhatsApp with some exquisite additional features. This app works in exactly the same way as of original messenger, thereby replacing the original application. Besides, here users can benefit themselves with the original features too.

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TM WhatsApp Titus Mukisa Update Download 2024

WhatsApp no longer needs an introduction because there exists no smartphone without WhatsApp Messenger. The icing to the cake of WhatsApp was added when it shook hands with Meta: the greatest social giant.

So it can be justifiably claimed that WhatsApp messenger has become a universal messenger and its advantages as well as drawbacks have also been declared as the universal ones.

Therefore, it is next to infeasible to dodge these problems. By problems, we mean those features, which are sort of headaches for the users. Some cases in point are that the users cannot focus on the objectives, which are supposed to be completed on a priority basis.

To tackle such minor, yet inseparable problems, several 3rd party modified applications are engendered. TM WhatsApp Titus Mukisa Latest Version is one of these modified 3rd party applications with some additional features.


Features of TM WhatsApp Titus Mukisa Latest Version

These are the bottommost features of TM WhatsApp Titus Mukisa:

Halt Last Seen Visibility

Last seen is an extremely annoying feature of WhatsApp, particularly for those who are not willing to reveal their daily routine. This is an impediment to achieving privacy while using WhatsApp.

Therefore, in this remodeled version of Messenger, there are neither online nor last-seen indicators. Hence, no one can penetrate your private horizon of social media. Here you check Whatsapp Last Seen Tracker Mod Apk.


In-built Antivirus

WhatsApp is extremely prone to viruses, owing to its diverse media and text exchanging policy. To apprehend these incoming messages, one needs to install an additional 3rd party antivirus application.

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This extra burden on the device as well as on the messenger only worsens the situation. On to it, TM WhatsApp messenger has a built-in antivirus, that halts all the incoming viruses and malware.

Alter Your Sent Messages

If one slips on one’s feet, he may get up, but if one slips with his words, he may never be recovered. A similar situation is seen when it comes to the messages on social media apps like WhatsApp.

Here the sent messages can only be deleted, instead of getting edited. Contrarily, Titus Mukisa WhatsApp provides you with an opportunity to edit or alter your sent messages.

Easily Download  Status

You might have experienced that you liked someone’s video or picture, which he/she has put on a status update. In order to attain those media files, you have to message to that person to send you those files.

This not only seems unprofessional but also devours time. On the other hand, TM WhatsApp has an alternative feature, where you can simply tap on an arrow icon and download those files.

Enhanced Group Settings

The only problem in WhatsApp groups is that there are tons of useless messages, which have no concern with the user. As soon as the admin drops a message, there will be plenty of reaction messages by the public.

In this way, those valuable messages will fade away and disappear from useless messages. To tackle such issues, there are some enhanced settings for these groups. With such settings, you will only be shown the messages from the admin or the person, who matters to you.


Flight Mode

Do not disturb (DND), plane mode, flight mode, sleep mode, etc. are the names for the same feature. The objective of this feature is to save your precious time by not letting anyone to disrupt your working hours.

The working of this feature is quite simple, as it works simply with a single tap. When you are fed up with the messages, simply tap on the screen and you will be astonished with a magical impact, since you will be getting neither messages nor notifications.

Veil Calls and Texts Records

It is indeed a private matter that to whom did you call or text? In the common WhatsApp messenger, it is evident for everyone who calls or texts you. There is a sole way to avoid this phenomenon, which is to delete all the call records.

In this way, you will not be able to know about your call or text history. Therefore, they had better get hidden, which can only be done in TM WhatsApp Titus Mukisa.

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Modify Themes and Hues

Whenever the word “WhatsApp” is uttered around you, what color or hue do you create in your mind? It is nothing but a shade of green color over the white one.

The reason behind that is nothing but the eternal color of this messenger is fixed. So is the case with the themes in this topmost messaging application. Notwithstanding the original colors, TM WhatsApp Old Version has introduced new ways to select the colors and themes of your choice.

Arcane Media Gallery

All of us have our personal enigmatic media files, which we do not desire to share at any cost. Nevertheless, in our phone galleries, they are accessible wide and open to everyone. To avoid this unwanted situation, TM WhatsApp DP is at your service with an arcane gallery.

In this gallery, everything you get on WhatsApp messenger will directly be veiled with a forte, that not only protects your data but also keep it away from everyone except you.


Bogus Online Status

Imagine you have been asked to stay online on WhatsApp by your spouse or your boss. You, on the other hand, cannot stay online for multiple reasons.

At that moment, you must be aspiring there should have been a particular feature, by which you could show that you are online, whereas in reality, you keep performing your tasks.

Well, this imaginary tale has become a reality in TM WhatsApp download, where a fake or bogus online status will assist you.

Single Tick View

In order to ensure privacy, it is inevitable for a messenger to fulfill the user’s view policy. In other words, it is cardinal to know whether a user desires to get reveal himself or not.

For this purpose, TM WhatsApp Lite is letting its users relish this edge with thorough potential. Here one can enable an option, by which others will be restricted to know whether you have seen their messages or not.

This will not only save you priceless time but also provide you the absolute authority.

Exchange Voluminous Documents

Since everyone is well aware of the fact that WhatsApp only permits data exchange up to 100 MB.

This exchange for videos or pictures is even less than 20 MB. Surprisingly, TM WhatsApp has the capacity to send and receive data of a limitless range, up to 500 MB.

Schedule Your Future Messages

It is your spouse’s birthday or a meeting ahead, but you cannot recall owing to your tied-up routine. Titus Mukisa WhatsApp has got a solution for you, with which you can schedule your messages, which will be sent spontaneously in the future.

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Therefore, all one needs is to type a message and select the contact along with the time/date. At the scheduled moment, it will be sent without letting anyone know.

Update After 6 Months

The only reason most people are hesitant to install any 3rd party mod of WhatsApp is that they demand gradation very often. In the case of this reshaped WhatsApp, one only needs to update WhatsApp after 6 months.

Neither updates nor additions will tease the user before 6 months.

Animation Aesthetics

This is the only feature that distinguishes this mod from other mods of WhatsApp. This is nothing but animations in the app, which are more aesthetically appealing than they seem to be.

These animations are available in the form of stickers, glares, emojis, and fancy text.

Extended Status Videos

Video status can become a headache when the user cannot upload a favorite song or video, because of the enlargement of the size.

Reducing the size of the video also reduces the charm of the video. To tussle with this problem, the developers of TM WhatsApp APK are at your service.

Here you can upload status videos for up to 7 minutes, which will be further expanded with the new update. Besides, over 100 pictures can be sent simultaneously without waiting for hours.

Enhance Tm Whatsapp Security

If are you looking for enhanced security then you can feel free it provide the best security to the users.

Tm Whatsapp Privacy Tips

If you want to Secure Your Tm Whatsapp status number then easily hide it with a single click.


How To Update Tm Whatsapp?

If you want to update your Whatsapp it is very easy you can visit the Google Play Store and write on Tm Whatsapp then easily update it with a single click.

What Is TM WhatsApp Apk?

It is a social networking application with lots of amazing features. The app was developed by Titus Mukisa who is more famous in social networking.

When Tm Whatsapp Updated Last Time?

The Last time Tm whatsup updated was on 02 November 2023.

It Is Safe To Use Or Not?

Yes Tm WhatsApp application is safe to use for your personal data in our research it is safe


Although WhatsApp is arguably the best social as well as messaging app, there are some problems with it. These problems can be obliterated in modified secondary alternatives.

However, among those mods, there are some harsh and malfunctioning too. TM WhatsApp Titus Mukisa, on the other, is extremely efficient with modified poignant features.

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