hill climb racing mod apk unlimited money diamond and fuel

Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk (Unlimited Money Diamond and Fuel)

Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk does not need any introduction, as it has been prevailing in the gaming world generally and the racing world specifically. It is a simple, yet elegant racing game, where you will have to drive uphill crossing various locations with numerous dope vehicles. Just keep the balance and do not hesitate to apply the rules of Physics to win the race or break the highest score record.

Hill Climb Racing Online

Name Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk
Publisher Fingersoft
Category Racing
Version 1.61.3
Price Free
Special Feature MOD Unlocked
Get it on Google Play Store


Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk

A young, energetic, and aspiring hill racer — whose name is Newton Bill — is trying to cover the summits of giant and astonishing hill-like locations (Nuclear plants, Ragnarok). Although the path is teeming with impediments and digs, Bill handles all these difficulties gracefully since he is a savvy veteran and a passionate racer.

Initially, you will be given a relatively simple car, which is always in want of gasoline. As the gasoline goes out of reach if you do not cover a certain distance within a given time. Only one rule is applicable on this merciless track, which is none other than the BALANCE. Yes, you read right, it is all about balance.

If you cannot establish the balance of your car, the odds are, that you will soon break the neck of Newton Bill. Hence, keep all the rules and laws into account while pursuing your passion in this flawlessly stunning race. The farther you go, the greater your score becomes — you can try to break the ice over the highest record, which was established by none other than yourself.


Hill Climb Racing MOD Features

These are some of the features of this game:

Anywhere, Anytime:

Time management is perhaps the most crucial part of everyone. In this hectic life, it is not possible to spare time to play games. The reason behind this is that the games require a lot of conditions like internet access, account development etcetera.

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A contrary case can be witnessed in Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk New Version 2024 because, here you can initiate a quick match at anywhere, anytime.

Ultimate Upgradation:

Vehicle up-gradation and customization stand on the next level, as you will be getting access to infinite customization. This customization of vehicles is so refined, that you can specifically upgrade tires, engines, shock absorbers, and many more. In this way, you may be able to compete with the ever-changing conditions of the track.

Excellent and Diverse Locations:

You will not be ascending just hills through the same dreary passages. Rather, you will have to go through diverse locations, where each location is different and even more majestic than the previous one. Sometimes, you will find yourself in Ragnarok, whereas you will be at nuclear plants at times. Regardless of the location, one thing remains constant, and that is none other than the steepness of the track, which increases with the passage of time.

Build Your Own Vehicle in Garage Mode:

Although there are numerous vehicles in the game and all of these have complied with jim-dandy features, human nature always wants more and more. The human mind can only be satisfied by its own creation, and that is why there is an option in the game, through which you can build your own vehicle. It means you can visualize your dream vehicle and ride on it.

Universally Optimized for Every Device:

The only thing, that makes it universally accepted by users, is nothing less than its adaptively designed optimization. It means, that whichever device you use, Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk Latest Version will be running flawlessly.

Crash the Daily Challenges:

There is a bevy of daily challenges, which after completion, give you a lot of rewards. In this way, you get motivated to play the game on daily basis and your interest is not sabotaged. Therefore, you must beat all these challenges to earn a handsome amount of reward.

Complying with Science and Physics:

In this modern era, if you do not incorporate science in games, you will be subjected to the fallacy, because science has educated everyone about everything. Therefore, in Hill Climb Racing, each and every step is based on the rules, set by Physics.

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Tips and Tricks to Play Hill Climb Racing Unblocked

  • Always try to reckon the usage of fuel that a single cane of fuel can cover how much distance etcetera
  • Do not flip your car again and again, because it could engender tensions — sometimes it goes out of control devouring your life
  • Invest aptly on legit upgrades, instead of wasting coins, you must upgrade your car’s different parts to make it compatible
  • Do not accelerate too much — press the button then leave it and keep on repeating the process — in this way, the vehicle will never go out of your hands

Facts About Hill Climb Racing Apk:

  • Hill climb racing mod apk unlimited money diamond and fuel  is released on September 22, 2012, and soon after its release, it garnered a reputable image
  • This game is so simple and artless, that everyone can play it, since the official legal age to play it, is just 3 years — anyone above 3 years of age can play the game
  • Right now, there are two games under this category by the same developers — part 1 and part 2 are part of the same sequel
  • Fingersoft (due to its masterpiece: Hill Climb) is the second-largest Finnish franchise after Rovio’s “Angry Bird” to cross 1 billion downloads

Hill Climb Racing Download Apk

This apk file, which is available on this site, has a striking difference from its doppelganger, which is available on Google Play Store. The reason behind this difference between these two different, yet same games, can be reckoned with the features of the game.

The mod version has some additional features, which make it far better than the simple version, and these features are elliptically discussed below:

Unlimited Money — who on the earth is unaware of the importance of money and this money has the same importance in this game. But the attainability of money is not so simple and (as usual) one has to struggle a lot to get money. But that is not the case anymore, since Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk Unlimited Money, is giving everyone a great deal of money without any specific condition.

Unlimited Diamonds — diamonds hold even more important than money because these are the premium form of currency, which has jaw-dropping uses. Therefore, you must download and install Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds, as it gives limitless diamonds.

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Unlocked Cars — there are more or less 30 vehicles in the game, and each is even more graceful than the other. But the problem is that these cars cannot be accessed easily and there has to be followed a special process. However, this situation can be only avoided by getting Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk Unlocked All Cars.

Unlimited Fuel — you can dodge every difficulty in the game, but one thing cannot be neglected, which is the shortage of fuel — as most gamers fail because of this reason. Therefore, Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk Unlimited Fuel is offering fuel without any restriction.


Among hundreds of racing games, Hill Climb Racing Apk, stands at the summit as it has given a unique touch to the racing world. You can avail of this game at any place regardless of the time. You can customize your vehicles for infinity with garage mode.

The diversity of locations and vehicles is beyond description, because of 28+ locations and over 30 excellent cars. Besides, you can smash daily challenges with this uphill racing game that is totally based on Physics and science. A plethora of additional features will be hailing from the modified version of the game if you choose to install it.

General FAQs

How many times has this game been downloaded from Google Play Store?

Prevailingly, it has been downloaded for over 500 million times, solely from Google Play Store. Likewise, 10 million people opined or provided their valuable reviews.

When was Hill Climb released and what are the requirements to run this game?

It was released, back then on September 22, 2012, and since then, it has been updated a lot of times. There are no specific requirements to run this game, except for an android device over the 5.0 version.

Why should I install this apk file, when the same game is available on Google Play Store?

Unlimited money, diamonds, and fuel are the reasons, which compel everyone to prioritize this version of the game. Besides, no shortage of fuel is going to affect the performance of your player, in Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk.

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