MB WhatsApp Update Download Android/iOS Version

MB WhatsApp Update has taken the internet by storm with its astonishing features and unforgettable benefits. This third-party app is a variant of the official app and is not available on the shelves of the official store.


MB WhatsApp Update Download Latest Version

There are hundreds of ways to communicate in this twenty-first century. The internet has unleashed a river of connecting apps, with which we can communicate.

WhatsApp is one of such useful apps, which does the same job as pigeons used to do in the past.

But the point is that the world is constantly evolving which has left WhatsApp somewhat far behind. Some points make WhatsApp a less reliable social app.

Such weakening points have been turned into strengthening points by MB WhatsApp.

This is a third-party mod with some extended features that are free of cost. So, get the newest MB WhatsApp 8.95 APK download and relish the unparalleled experience.

Features of MB WhatsApp Updated

These are some bewitching modified features of MBWA:

Themes to Match the Time

Rumi once said that the inner should always match the outer and this modified app took it seriously.

They have built two binary opposite themes that will match the time. For daytime, they have a brighter and more illuminating theme.

While for the nighttime, a soothing dark-colored theme will suffice the needs of your eyes.

Manage Hyperlinks

You might have noticed that putting a dot among some random letters turns into a hyperlink. In reality, that is not a link, and clicking on that will end up in the smoke.

Therefore, getting this app will assist you in managing all the links properly and those links will turn blue, which are the hyperlinks.

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Appealing Header

Who on earth would not love a magnificent header? Thanks to MB WhatsApp Update for bringing such an appealing header.

This header is not only beautiful but rather it also has a lot of enigmatic qualities. One of these traits is that there is a hidden chat feature in this header.

Pressing for a few seconds at this header will open a new window, where you can find secret contacts.

Two-in-one Accounts

No wonder that two accounts of WhatsApp can be used simultaneously in one smartphone. One of these accounts is simple while the other is in business.

But did you have the subtle idea that two accounts can be used in one WhatsApp? If not, then you are presented with the good news that two accounts of yours will be taken care of by MB WhatsApp Update Download.

Align the Blocked Contacts

Those you have blocked and those who have blocked you are two entirely different groups of people. The former can be discovered in app settings whereas it is not feasible to find the latter.

Not anymore, since this app will allow you to have an aligned list of those users too, who have blocked you.

Break the Connection!

The modern world is replete with modern thoughts and one of the modern thoughts is “flexibility.” This flexibility is of choice, time, and desire.

This flexibility is deemed highly venerated in MB WhatsApp, where you have a flexible choice of breaking the connection with this social app.

One can tap a Wi-Fi-like symbol and the app will break the connection with your network.

Disable Time & Date

At times, WhatsApp shows an error claiming that your device’s time and date are not correctly set.

This annoys various users and sometimes people get fed up and even delete the app. This turmoil will not be able to disrupt you owing to the “Disable Time/Date” feature.

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Abridge the Cloud

Previously, there was no option of backing up the data to Google Drive or iCloud. There used to be a cloud space that was insecure owing to the involvement of the third party.

Nevertheless, now official clouds like Drive and iCloud are there to take care of your data with decency.

No Permission to the Storage

Most of the media we receive directly lands in our phones’ galleries. Not this entire media is worthy of being kept in the gallery, that is a sort of public library.

Because, whoever uses our phones, instinctively visits the gallery. With MB WhatsApp iOS 15, now you can confiscate permission to the gallery.

In this way, nothing will land in your device’s storage.  MB WhatsApp iOS 15, now you can confiscate the permission to the gallery. In this way, nothing will land in your device’s storage.

Choose your Caller

There are some leech-like people in our contact lists who would call us regardless of our interests. Neither can one deny their calls, nor can one switch off the phone.

A midway is always there, and, in this case, MB WhatsApp Update is that ideal midway. Here you can simply choose one of the finest options and be carefree of the calls. The options are “X cannot receive the calls” “X is offline” etc.

No Update Fuss

Updating halts everyone from installing 3rd party mods owing to their manual downloading process. Contrarily, if you want to process the MB WhatsApp iOS update, then a notification will pop on your screen ASAP.

In this way, you are not supposed to recall when to update it. Besides, if you want to use the previous version then type “MB WhatsApp Update Download Old Version” in your browser.  Update Download Old Version” in your browser.

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Absence of Blue Ticks

Blue ticks are quite annoying as one cannot stay anonymous. Whenever you read a message, a blue tick is a sort of trace that leads you to the conclusion that the recipient has read the message.

Therefore, they should be obliterated to ensure privacy. This is what MBWA does by removing such settings from your device. No blue ticks, no disturbances to privacy.

Delete, what’s that?

Deleting is an out-of-the-box question in this epic mode, as there is no way to delete anything before your approval.

So, what happens is that once somebody sends you a message or updates your status, it instantly gets saved in cloud storage. Now, even if the sender changes his mind and deletes that message or status, you will still be able to see it.

Long-tap Magic

In the common WhatsApp, there exists a feature “archive.” If somebody desires to conceal a chat, it can simply be added there, and nobody will be able to find that chat.

However, that option can be seen on the topmost section of the screen. On the other hand, in MB WhatsApp iOS one can simply conceal any chat by tapping a little bit longer than normal.


MB WhatsApp Updated is the latest version with all the previous as well as new features. It has beneficial features like a long tap, an appealing header, disable unwanted calls, etc.

Moreover, there is neither any condition nor price to download it. To update the existing version, all you need to do is type MB WhatsApp Update Download.

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