KB WhatsApp v35 Download for Android/iPhone (2024)

Are you tired of the same old WhatsApp, which has not changed much since November 2009? If yes, then congratulations for stumbling upon the right spot. Here you are presented with the world’s best-running reshaped variant of common WhatsApp. This best variant is none other than KB WhatsApp.


What Is KB WhatsApp?

No part of the earth is void of smartphones and no smartphone on the earth is void of WhatsApp. As it is a sort of universal app, the bug in this app becomes also a universal bug.

To eradicate such bugs and issues, KB WhatsApp jumped in with an ultimate solution of providing everything that a man can ever desire.


The working and functioning of KB WhatsApp Alkaser might be the same as that of that simple app. However, what makes it special is its jaw-dropping set of functions or mod features.

These features are significantly prominent in this mode only and cannot be found anywhere else. In simple words, KB WhatsApp is the cream on the cake of common WhatsApp.

Features of KB WhatsApp

Downloading this Arabic-oriented version may benefit through these features:

Untouchable Contacts

If you were looking to conceal some of your contacts and could not find any credible solution, then look no further. There is a built-in concealer in KBWhatsApp that can hide your contacts in such a way that only you can access them.

Besides, with Zero KB WhatsApp, you will save the additional consumption of the storage of your device.

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Bogus Active Status

You might have heard about the special feature that allows you to hide your active status on WhatsApp. But have you ever heard of the feature that shows your active status when you are inactive?

If not, then no need to get worried, because in KB WhatsApp, a fake active status is created. So that you may perform your activities while showing your friends that you are continuously active.

Unique Icon

No matter which variant you download, KBWhatsApp will never disappoint you with its fascinating and unique icon. Unlike that light-green rounded icon, here you will discover a square-shaped icon that will add glory to your launcher.

Announce Anything Easily

At times we have to announce something, and we simply put that news on our status. However, the only problem with this method is that we can share the news with only a limited number of users.

Contrarily, KBWhatsApp has a separate section for announcements known as “Community.” With this feature, whatever you put, directly knocks on the notification bars of your recipients.

Small Chunks of a Status

There is no doubt that statuses can now easily be downloaded through third-party WhatsApp variants. Nevertheless, there is no way to classify that status into smaller chunks and download only the selected part.

Therefore, KBWA is going to introduce a massive change in the features, with which you can easily download the selected part of your status.

Message without Saving the Number

Why indulge in the objectiveless hustle of saving someone’s number and then deleting it later? Because this is mandatory; one cannot send messages to anyone without sparing some space for his number in one’s contact list. On the other hand, KB WhatsApp permits you to send messages to anyone unconditionally.

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Bubble Prompts

There are some messages, about which it is arduous to reply. For instance, if somebody messages you “Hmm” how will you respond? If you repeat the message, they might think you’re mocking them and if you ignore it, they will still get hurt.

For such situations, bubble prompts are there, which have multiple bubble-like reactions. Press on any message long and dispose of your reaction to the recipient.

Communicate via Other Platforms

The same account of your KBWhatsApp runs on a plethora of platforms including Viber, Telegram, Wire, etc.

You need not create a separate account for all such platforms; rather only a single account of this mode is adequate. Not only can multiple platforms be accessed but also the same account can be accessed on multiple devices with the help of KB WhatsApp Web.

KBWhatsApp is now in 18 Languages

Neither one nor ten languages are available in this mod by Alkaser; 18 languages are available. The languages, in which you can communicate, encompass English, Russian, French, Italian, Hindi, and a lot of native languages.

So, if you want to take the level of your communication to the sky, then this is your golden chance to get KB WhatsApp Gold.

KBWhatsApp Prototypes

More or less, you will find four different prototypes of KB WhatsApp, which are described below:

 KB WhatsApp Gold – This is the most awaited and most applauded variant with premium features like sending 100 images at one time, having golden themes, etc.
 KB WhatsApp Black – This black variant holds the liability of providing pro features like anonymous status, new fonts, fascinating wallpapers, etc.
 KB WhatsApp Red – With swipe gestures and enhanced privacy, this red variant is also a must-have modified application.
 KB WhatsApp Blue – This jaw-dropping prototype allows you to conceal your profile picture for some of your contacts while showing it to the rest.

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KB WhatsApp Gold Download

After getting information about all the features and perks of KB WhatsApp, one question still pops up in our minds. That question is “How to download KBWhatsApp?” and the answer to this question is the following:

• Download this APK file in your phone’s storage and install it.
• Granting all the permissions will ease the process and thereby don’t forget it.
• After this, everything else goes in the same flow as in the common WhatsApp.

Final Verdict

Why should one cling to the same old WhatsApp, when this modern mod variant provides some of the finest features? KB WhatsApp is the best amongst the best mods with four amazing prototypes. Each prototype is adorned with some eye-catching features.

But the downloading process is the same for all of them, that is done manually. Getting this APK can never let anyone regret the decision owing to its prerogatives.

FAQs about KB WhatsApp

Q. What is KB WhatsApp Pro?

KB WhatsApp 3 is the third variant created by the developer, which requires a small amount of money as a fee. This pro variant holds some jaw-dropping features that are neither available in simple nor in the mod versions.

Q. Who built KB WhatsApp?

An Arabic app developer “Alkaser” is credited with the creation of this masterpiece. However, a lot of other people also contributed to this mod, yet the primary figure remains Alkaser.

Q. What makes this mod so special?

The mods are somewhat different from the common and simple apps due to their features. The same goes for this mod, which has different features not only from the original app, but also from its counterparts.

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