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If you want to save your data with privacy then you can download the Vault Premium Apk This application will help you to hide your photos and videos for free. There are lots of other apps available on the internet but I will be recommending you Vault Premium App because it is more famous and has lots of positive reviews.


What Is Vault Premium Apk

Vault premium apk is a mobile application for the Android platform that can help you hide all the sensitive data on your mobile phone.

You can hide messages, photos, notes, and contacts in a folder that can be locked with a password or pattern. It is a great tool for those who are concerned about their privacy.

Vault provides users with several easy-to-use features:

  • Free: Hide SMS (text message), Pics & Videos, Contacts, and Facebook Messages from prying eyes.
  • Intuitive and clean graphical interface.
  • Encrypt your secret files using AES-256-bit encryption.
  • Private photo gallery with a photo editor to quickly hide pictures (photos vault)
  • Invisibly hide text messages (SMS), contacts, and call logs (Telephone logs) to protect the privacy of your phone book.
  • Quickly hide videos in the secret video vault. Nobody will know what’s in it without the password.

Top Features Vault Premium Apk

Private Bookmarks:

Vault allows users to safely save their private bookmarks so that others cannot see them through the default browser or any other browsers.

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Private Browsing:

Vault can clean all the private data including Google Search History, browser history, and clipboard content that may leak personal information. The private browsing function allows you to browse pages without leaving any traces in browser history on Android devices.

Wi-Fi File Transfer:

You can transfer files easily between phone and computer by scanning a QR code

App Lock:

You can lock your Gallery, SMS, and Contacts apps with a password to prevent others from opening them.

Incognito Browser:

Browse private websites without records in browser history & cache.

Intruder Selfie:

Take photos of intruders who input the wrong passwords to unlock your vault.

Cloud Backup:

Backup data to cloud space, so you will never lose your data even if you change your device or lose it.

Hide SMS:

You can hide all your messages in the vault. No one can see any of your messages without knowing the password.

Hide Call Logs:

You can hide all call logs in the vault. Vault call logs will not appear in the phone’s call history list.

Hide Contacts:

You can hide all contacts in the vault. Vault contacts will not appear in the contact list.

Hide Gallery Photos:

You can easily move photos from your gallery to the vault. All photos will be encrypted and hidden in the vault and no one can see them without password input.

Priority 24/7
Storage space Unlimited
Support Fingerprint lock, fake login, break-in alerts, and stealth mode


Managing Multiple accounts

FAQs – Vault Premium Apk

Does Vault take up much memory?

Not at all. It takes only 23 MB of space on your device.

Is it safe to use Vault app?

Yes. Vault is one of the most popular applications with more than 50 million downloads and easy-to-use.

Does the app work on all Android devices?

Yes, it does. Vault Apk for Android works on all high-end (Android 4.0+) and low-end phones without any issues. It also supports Android tablets.

What are the features of Vault premium apk?

The Premium version of Vault Apk has unlimited Cloud Backup and Fake Login Page features that help you secure your important data and applications.

Can I recover my lost data from Vault app?

Yes, you can easily recover the hidden data by reinstalling the application and logging in with your password or fingerprint lock.

How to use this app?

  • To the vault app and add any apps you want to hide.
  • Go to the app drawer and disable the vault.
  • Go to settings and enable the vault.

How to change the password of Vault?

Open Vault and go to the settings, there you can change the password of the vault.

Can I lock the app from the main screen?

Yes, you can lock any app from the main screen. Just tap on any app that you want to hide it will be added to the logs user’s vault.

Conclusion – Vault Premium Apk

You can use Vault premium apk to hide your photos and videos by locking them behind a password. You can also hide messages and call logs from certain contacts using Incognito mode. The app also provides cloud backup services that store all your hidden files on our secure cloud server to make sure they are safe.

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